Eat Drink KL – “Come together to celebrate with Malaysia’s own Matcha Sparkling Drinks”

Come together to celebrate with family and friends over Matcharo, Malaysia’s own matcha sparkling drink, a deliciously wholesome refreshment, suitable for everyone on every occasion!
These halal-certified beverages come in three sparkling fruit flavours: Matcha Sparkling with Peach Sakura & Vitamin C, Matcha Sparkling with Lemon & Vitamin C, and Matcha Sparkling with Yuzu & Vitamin C – as well as Matcha Honey for a nectarous brightness.
Matcharo harnesses a Japanese-sourced recipe for a naturally fun, tasty substitute to fizzy sodas, complete with healthier ingredients, rich in Vitamin C while being lower in sugar. Clocking in at a low-calorie 20kJ per serving, with 0% fat and no cholesterol, Matcharo proves itself to be a guilt-free alternative to the commercial soda.

Convenient in colourful cans, Matcharo is the matcha-marvellous mood booster to enjoy while relaxing at home, to serve guests for festivities, and to take out to lively parties. Best served chilled, of course!


Whether you’re a longtime matcha enthusiast or a newcomer to green tea, Matcharo should soothe and satisfy your senses. 

The beverage is not too bitter, with the matcha bringing a subtly earthy undercurrent. The citrusy lightness of the lemon and yuzu and the ripe tang of the peach shine through each sip.

If you’re looking for a vibrant drink that all your loved ones and favourite people can savour, meet Matcharo, the memorable new Malaysian-made matcha mate that’s bubbling with bliss, zesty with zing and zip!

Get Matcharo on MKA Food’s Shopee and Lazada platforms. Ordering options include a variety of four-packs comprising different flavours of 240-ml cans as well as by the carton.

You can also get Matcharo Matcha Sparkling Drinks in the following retail outlets near you: 
NSK Grocer
Caltex Xpress Point

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